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Welcome to Micro Info

Health Communication Network - the clinical solutions company.

Micro Info is the northern hemisphere hub for our Australian based clinical solutions company. Micro Info's mission is to deliver real tools to health professionals and enable them to deliver care more efficiently and ultimately, to achieve better health outcomes for patients.

HCN entered the United Kingdom through acquisition in 2000, and the company has already consolidated its position as leading provider of clinical solutions at the point of care.

Micro Info features the world's most comprehensive collection of online knowledge resources that are delivered through customized web portals. HCN's online health information is available to clinicians and other health stakeholders 24 hours a day.

Micro Info also provides innovative specialist endoscopy and clinical report writing software to over 200 medical institutions in the UK, and in Europe and the USA. Known as HCN Scribes, this suite of products includes Endoscribe (for gastroenterology), Bronchoscribe (for respiratory surgery), Gynaescribe (for gynaecology) and early 2002 Uroscribe (for urology). HCN is continually adding new products to the Scribes family.

"In Electronic media solutions for Higher education, Corporate and Government organisations.
from a single CD-ROM to annual subscription management systems we have the answer. "


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